Art without an object but with impact, Bern

New building Ara Region Bern, 2012
Adding Mineralwater to building concrete, 2010
Intervention A: Adding Mineralwater to building structure, 2011
Intervention B: Water Advisory Board, 2011
Intervention B: Water Forum 2012
Work in Progress, 2010 George Steinmann and Craftsmen on the construction site

Ara Region Bern, 2008-2011

“Art without an object but with impact” is the title of a performative, participatory and holistic art project realized by George Steinmann together with Bauart Architects for the Ara Region Bern Ltd. This project for the new headquarters of Bern’s leading wastewater treatment facility began in July 2008 and ended in December 2011.

In Intervention A water from curative mineral springs of the Engadine valley in Eastern Switzerland has been added to all water-based material and elements used for the construction of the building. Although the effect of this step remains immaterial and invisible, the water itself and its energy are in the building as information which penetrates the material, creates a resonating space, and lets it swing. In Intervention B, a platform (Waterforum) and the seven experts of the Water Advisory Board have been convened to discuss the various problems pertaining to water.

The side by side cooperation of all participants like the craftsmen and the meetings of the Water Advisory Board as part of the artist’s strategy neutralises the traditionally decorative role of the artist and leads to a critical examination of the artist’s role in building-site art projects in general. By combining sociopolitical, aesthetic, scientific and communicative elements, Steinmann has realised a transdisciplinary input in the field of art as research.