District Letzigraben, Heiligfeld, Zurich
Paesaggio Corippo
Corippo, Old Mill
Corippo Village
Corippo, Interior

The project “Corippo. A growing sculpture” (2017) is based on a transdisciplinary, crossover project on the cultural dimension of Sustainable Development.

Based on a mandate by the City of Zurich for an intervention in the newly developed district “Letzigraben/Heiligfeld” in the centre of Zurich the project initiated a cooperation with the political smallest and strongly dilapidated village Corippo in the Vercasca Valley in the Cantone Ticino.

The aim of the project is to renovate and reactivate the buildings of the old Mill in order to establish a dialogue between the inhabitans of the new district in Zurich and the local people of Corippo. The growing sculpture is help for selfhelp. Art as a characteristic and indicator of change.

Download project description: Corippo. A growing sculpture