Severonikel Smelter Complex Montsegorsk, Kola, Russia,1995, b/w photograph fixed with Blueberry juice
Severonikel Smelter Complex Montsegorsk, Kola Peninsula, Russia 1995, color photograph
Production of plasma sculpture
Installation view, Helmhaus Zurich, 2007
Installation view, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1997
Detail of studies

The expedition to the Russian Arctic was the most extreme trip of my life. It took place in the context of the international art project Strangers in the Arctic, which was initiated by the Finnish Cultural Foundation FRAME.
Never have I seen such a defiled landscape. A region full of gigantic environmental damages caused by mining, smelting works and the consequences of Soviet nuclear technology. At the same time, however, I knew that the Kola Peninsula and the Barents Sea have always been the territory of the Sámi – an indigenous people with shamanic tradition, for whom the inspiration of and respect for nature are of utmost importance. Bearing this constellation in mind, the work From-To-Beyond was created, which, together with the studies, photographs and maps, also includes a large installation with barrels of hazardous waste.

From-To-Beyond (1995-1997)