Ley Line Jump, Bern

Public Art commissioned by the City of Bern, 1987.
Site: Municipality City of Bern, Schwanengasse 14, Bern

Site specific geomantic installation based on leylines in the perimeter. The quest was to establish a fence between the public and the administration area. The installation creates transparency with a glasswall and referes to the old medieval city borderline built originally on the leylines North-South / East-West. The installation also includes an old fountain from the 19th century.

Geomantic research: 3 August 1987 10-12h
In co-operation with, Verena Bühlmann (Bern), Matthias Mettler (Zurich) and Mr. V. Matela (Warsaw)

Materials: Bent floatglas, galvanized steel, common boxwood