Prix Thun for Art and Ethics

Award winner, Oliver Ressler, 2016
Award winner Sheba Chhachhi, 2017
Award winner Ursula Biemann, 2018
Team Prix Thun for Art and Ethics

The work “Prix Thun for Art and Ethics” (2016-2018) is a Growing Sculpture in the form of an art prize. The work is located in the Kunstmuseum Thun. The aim is to promote the innovative strenght of artistic strategies for the development of sustainable, ecological and cultural processes and thereby strengthen the Thun region. The focus is on the capacity for dialogue, social responsibility and solidarity.

Award winners:
2016: Oliver Ressler
2017: Sheba Chhachhi
2018: Ursula Biemann

For more information see PDF: Project description Prix Thun for Art and Ethics