Ruumi naasmine

Tallinn Art Hall, 1992
Tallinn Art Hall, Entrance, 1992
Renovation of the Art Hall
Tallinn Art Hall, Entrance, 1995
Tallinn Art Hall, 1995
Tallinn Art Hall, 1995

Ruumi naasmine / The Revival of Space (1992-1995)

The idea of creating a project that would bring about the total renovation of the Tallinn Art Hall as a sustainable, growing sculpture came during his first 24-hour trip to Tallinn in the fall of 1992.

Scaled to human proportions and with a special subtle emanation of its own, the architecture of Anton Soans and Edgar Kuusik has been brought back into the limelight. Encompassing the spirit of the 1930s, restored with ecological high quality materials of the 1990’s, the building reflects in tangible form the spiritual aura of the mind sculpture which has taken shape during the process of “Ruumi naasmine / The Revival of Space” initiated by the artist and maintained via the Bern-Helsinki-Tallinn axis.

In the step-by-step realization of this co-operative process over the two years since its initial conception, George Steinmann has created a communicative network, the focal points of which are formed by the convergence of the ideas, responses and solutions which have been clarified in the course of discussions and debates. This network system can be considered as a sample fractal that George Steinmann has been able to modify and orient towards his own changing paradigm of his personal outlook on the world, an “Approach towards a system of Ethics for the Future”.

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