Symbioses of Responsibility

COP 21 UN Climate Change Conference, Paris, 2015
Debate on Art and Climate Change at Grand Palais, COP21 UN Climate Change Conference, Paris, 2015
Mindmap Symbioses of Responsibility, 2016, 21 x 30 cm

Project based on the mandate by George Steinmann as Artistic Observer at COP21 UN Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris, commissioned by Artport making waves in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs / Presence Switzerland and the Swiss Embassy in Paris.

The project is in two parts:
A) A visual Intervention in form of a multimedia installation.

Elements are: Cartographies of Thought (Mindmaps) Drawings based on the participation of George Steinmann at COP21 Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris and the preliminary field research by the artist. Handmade paper for the drawings produced with curative mineral water from the lower Engadine Valley in Switzerland.

Monochrome paintings based on the Paris Agreement by the United Nations 2015, the Synthesis Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change IPCC and the UNESCO Documents on Ethical principles for climate change.
Fragile Foundations Photographs and Videos of Glaciers, Forests, Water, Biodiversity and COP21 Conference participants.

B) A Performative Enactment:
Based on lectures, panels, seminars and workshops given by the artist.

Relational Aesthetics.Artistic negotiations and transdisciplinary discourse on the uncertainties related to global climate change.
The Duty to Share Knowledge. Interconnectedness and dialogue of   artistic – scientific and Indigenous peoples knowledge on climate change.
The intellectual and artistic Solidarity in facing the shared challenges of climate change. A commitment for Resilience.

Artistic knowledge – Scientific knowledge – Indigenous peoples knowledge

Download short statement: Statement by George Steinmann