The World and the Mind

Installation view, Gallery Heike Strelow Frankfurt, 2007
Installation view, Helmhaus Zurich, 2007
Detail 1
Detail 2

The multimedia installation “The World and the Mind” (1988-2016) is a long-term research project on water in the age of the “Anthropocene”.

For more than 30 years the artist explored Mineralwater sources and the connected geology in the region of the lower Engadine Valley in Switzerland.
In a very slow work-process the artist makes the invisible essences of Mineralwater visible. The topic of the “genius loci”, as well as the therapeutic, homeopathic dimension of Mineral water is of particular interest.
The table-installation is a laboratory and an artistic fundus at the same time. Through the years, several hundred works have been created, in addition sculptural interventions such as the public work “Art without an object but with impact” in Bern.