Visual Arts

A change towards an enduringly viable society is impossible without the knowledge that is imparted by art, with all its aesthetic and cultural dimensions.

All my works are process-oriented. The dynamic process is in the foreground, which has to do with a system-critical aspect. I do not believe in the dominance of Cartesian logic, in the static or the final truth. It is rather about seeking, questioning, improvisation and intuition.

Growing sculptures are about cyclical processes, change and development. They cannot be fully planned in advance. Growth does not mean the linear-quantitative progress, it is rather growing beyond accumulating. They are always in flux. Something grows, transforms, but also dies at the same time. This awareness of “being in transit” refers to a different understanding of the culture of time.

For me, drawings are a central stock of inspiration – a medium of intimacy. The materials I use are apart from the digital overload. The paper with all its qualities is also important for me when drawing. I’ve always drawn since childhood. Today my oeuvre includes hundreds of sheets, they often contain notes and abstract patterns that originate from the natural science and philosophy.

My work is about perception and the understanding of complex systems of life. I see art not only as a tool to describe the world, but rather as a driving force, by which the world can be perceived and respected in its context.

With my art I want to enable networks of relationships. I am interested in dialogue and cooperation, in the knowledge that the social reality of the 21st century has become too complex for us to afford us the luxury of disciplinary simplification.